This page will give credit to the authors of the stories on the wiki. A number of them were originally on creepy pasta wiki and were scary enough to be shared on this site. Congratulations if you see your name (username) on this page. If your story in on Creepy spaghetti wiki but your name isn't on this page, contact an admin. Poltergeist15 is currently the only admin, but might add more on in the future.

ovenfriend-"A Story to Scare my Son"

twilightsparrow-"Flashlight Tag"

giant engineer-"1999"

vicious516-"The Rake"

orange.soda-"The Russian Sleep Experiment"

Kris Straub-"Candle Cove"

Michael Whitehouse-"Bedtime"

slimebeast-"Room Zero"

blue_tidal-"Smiling Man"

perfectcircle35-"Mr. Widemouth"

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